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Frequently Asked Questions – Nexus Business Listing

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Claimed & Verified FAQ

How long does it take to get my business verified?

We can get your business fully verified normally within 72 hours upon receiving your google code.

What is a Google verification code postcard?

Google will be sending you a verification postcard within Three (3) to Five (5) weeks. See Example below:

What should I do with the Postcard?

Please, immediately call us with the code on the postcard upon receiving it. Do not wait. We want to get you out-ranking your competitors and get more customers ASAP.

What should I do, if I never receive my postcard?

Please contact us ASAP if you have not receive your postcard after five (5) weeks and we will get it resolved.

Why couldn’t I do this for free with Google?

Google self-verification does not help your business get ANY ranking, does not manage or help your business with any keywords and does not put you in other search engine (Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, YP, Local Listing Etc). We make sure your business get found not your competitors


Can you Guarantee Google Rankings?

No company can guarantee rankings in any search engine as we don’t own the search engines. Any company that does guarantee you rankings is simply misleading you. That said. Based on our past and current results we can get any website higher in the search engines. If we do not reach first page by the sixth month of our service, we will provide those services for free until we do

How long does it take to increase my Google Rankings?

Brand new websites can take 2-6 months to reach the front page of Google. Older sites can take 2-3 months to safely reach the front page of Google. Sometimes faster.

How do I know its working?

We send you weekly reports on your Google rankings, backlink count,alexa rank, and other important details about your campaign. You are never left in the dark.

Will this increase my traffic/profit?

YES, Once you reach the front page of Google for your keywords. You will notice more visitors to your site that will result into phone calls or sales for your business.

How much traffic can I get?

Its all based on the keywords you choose. We like to choose keywords with a high number of searches but not much competition.

How much does SEO cost?

Our small business SEO packages start from $299 and go up to $1,000 or more for custom packages.

How to submit my new site to Google/Bing/Yahoo etc.?

The search engines provide a few submission portals but these days your website is submitted through content and XML Sitemaps. XML Sitemap is what Google uses to read your website.

Do I need meta tags for SEO?

Meta tags are not as important as they used to be but its still a good way for Google to be able to decide what your website is about and where to place you in the search engines.

Can’t my nephew who is a web designer do the SEO?

Many professional schools don’t train web designers about SEO and the constant changes made in the SEO field. Its best left to SEO professionals like us.

Nexus Business Listing helps small businesses get on the first page of Google
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